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Rockin' Ramaley Party Packages


You and your guests will enjoy a spectacular sound system with a limitless musical library. Our professional sound system is powerful enough to fill a grand ballroom yet versatile enough to accommodate a small party setting. With a computer mixing program we are able to transition seamlessly between your songs so your celebration never ends. In addition to great sound quality, this package also includes a DJ and MC/DJ team as well as a variety of props to keep your party Rockin'.

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Energize your guests with our professional sound and custom color lighting package. Your guests will have the opportunity to dance your occasion away with our astounding lighting effects or slow dance with our perfect romantic glow lighting. Our lighting effects and adaptable sound system can accommodate any mood you and your guests may want or need. In addition to a professional sound system and your very own custom color effect lighting you will be provided with a variety of props.

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You will receive a complimentary Apple iPad. Your Apple iPad will be equipped with your personalized Rockin’ Ramaley planning website and checklists to ensure your event planning is easy and effortless. On the day of your event your guests will arrive at your venue and be captivated when they see your personalized monogram on your dance floor with your Hollywood Package. Your venue will be transformed using your Premiere Uplighting Package that creates an atmosphere of sophistication and a touch of fun. Your guests will continue to be amazed as they look towards the ceiling to find themselves dancing under the stars with your Starlight Package. After dinner, the celebration continues with your T Package, where guests will marvel at your custom lighting that matches your specific colors while they dance to our professional sound system. Your Premiere Package will surely make your event unforgettable.

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Want to enhance your party experience?  Want to make it memorable?  The Hollywood Package lighting effect can be personalized to any font style, logo, and/or design.  The Hollywood Package is perfect for graduations, themed events, proms, anniversaries, college events, corporate venues, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  This versatile light can rotate or remain still on the ceiling, wall or dance floor.  At the end of your event, you will receive your customized engraved template as a keepsake.

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Enjoy the romantic ambiance and dance under the stars.

No matter of the season, day or night, you and your guests can dance under the stars.

Rockin’ Ramaley can fill your venue with starlight, beauty and romance that only twinkling stars can create. This lighting effect will sparkle throughout your occasion and is both magical and enchanting.

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As our Sweet 16 girl dances with her father their dance floor is transformed as if they are dancing on the clouds. The clouds rise only 12” from the floor, so our Sweet 16 girl and her father will still be the center of attention. The white, fluffy chilled air gives the illusion that they are actually dancing on the clouds! It is the ‘wow’ factor that will have your guests scrambling for their cameras.

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Make your guests say wow!

Uplighting is one of the newest and hottest trends in event enhancements.  Uplighting transforms an ordinary room into extraordinary.  Energy efficient LED lights are strategically placed around your venue and are projected onto the walls to create an elegant ambient glow.  Choose to have a constant color or, for a one of kind look, Rockin' Ramaley can digitally change the colors throughout your entire evening.

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Our sleek photobooth is designed to blend in and compliment your venue while adding hours of entertainment for your guests.   We can set up the booth during your cocktail hour using your venue as the backdrop.  As your guests transition to the dining area, our booth transforms so that it is enclosed with a black drape, which will compliment any venue.  The attendants will keep the photobooth rockin’ throughout your evening.   Our photostrips are available to print out two at a time; so you can keep one for your guest book while your guest keeps theirs as a party favor.  The booth can fit from 1 to 20 guests.  We can work with you to personalize each printout with your new monogram, engagement photo, or even a thank you message.

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A custom illuminated dance floor is an incredible addition to any event.  Multiple designs and endless color options adds that extra 'Wow' factor to any celebration. The smooth color and pattern transitions will motivate your guests to 'get up and dance'.  Sizes up to 23'x23'.

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